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Reaching New & Expectant Moms with Native Advertising

Reaching new and expectant mothers with targeted digital advertising can be a challenge. There are hundreds of different websites and sections which cater to new and expectant moms and there are many different types of ad vehicles to choose from. There are pregnancy specific sites like the American Pregnancy Association and health sites like, or, all of whom provide rich content sections dedicated to new and expectant moms. Tap Native ad units are integrated into all four of these websites and hundreds of similar sites serving new or expectant mothers too. Our goal in integrating our ad units across these sites was to unfragment similar content and audiences to create a useful channel for marketers. Marketers of pregnancy tests, prenatal vitamins, pregnancy classes, breast pumps, baby formula, diapers, bottles and cribs are now using preset therapeutic categories to target their offer into relevant content. Using pre-set content targets is simple and displays your native ad on pages containing specific relevant content. Pre-set contextual targets include:

  • Fertility
  • First, Second and Third Trimester
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Infant Care / Infant Health
  • Pediatric Health
  • Toddler Health
  • Children’s Health
  • Teen Health

In addition, you can target specific keywords like “baby formula”, “pregnancy test” or “prenatal vitamins.” Native ads are far more efficient at creating engagement. Specifically, unbranded, content recommendation style, image+text ads placed within editorial content are exponentially more effective at creating user engagement than display ads, sponsored posts and even search links. Creating engagement also means enjoying a health focused environment where the signal to noise ratio is higher than on news sites, divisive political sites or noisy pop culture sites. Most importantly, creating true engagement using native formats is a combination of ideal site content and context, ad placement, ad format and catching your target audience at the right time and in the right frame of mind. That’s a lot of conditions that simply aren’t met in most other online environments. Here’s an example of a Tap Native ad unit on the American Pregnancy Association Website. Note the content style and that its in the content well, not on the right rail where ads are typically placed.

branded versus unbranded or non-branded, sample and illustration

Tap Native ad units now appear across hundreds of consumer websites catering to new and expectant moms. Creating an ad is simple, you need an image (1000x600), a headline of up to 60 characters, a source which is typically the name of your product or website and a landing page URL. You can buy on a CPC basis and start with as little as $500. Tap Native is designed for performance marketers and we’re positive that’s what you’ll get.

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Tap Native ad units are integrated within the content of popular health destination sites. You can see in the example below that Tap Native ad units focus on health and provide the source of the content:

Health care marketing and PR