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A focus on health!

Tap Native is the leading native ad platform focused exclusively around health. That focus enables advertisers to reach an audience of consumers or healthcare professionals while they’re consuming content. We do it contextually, at scale, and across a network of premium only publishers.

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Highly Effective

The Tap Native Ad platform is effective at all stages of the story telling and marketing funnel – from generating awareness to consideration to leads to conversions.

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Brand Safety

We guarantee your brand appears in safe, viewable environments and we proudly partner with industry leaders in viewability, verification, and fraud detection.

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Tech for Optimization

Our algorithms and optimization tools allow you to stay ROI focused. Tap Native’s premium health focused network generates higher conversion rates and our team will help reduce your cost per conversion as low as possible.

Tap Native helps you reach your healthcare audience in high quality,
health-related content. What are you waiting for?

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