Tap Native has taken the power of Generative AI and integrated it into our ad creation process. The new AI image resource allows healthcare marketers to tap an infinite cost-free resource which can drive engagement and conversions with target DTC or HCP audiences. Diversity of images has always been critical in order to allow the power of data to drive optimization. We understand that image licensing and curation can be expensive and time consuming. Tap Native is tapping the power of Generative AI to eliminate costs and make image curation fast.

Tap Native’s Generative AI for images is located in the same ad creation step as uploading an image. Now, you can choose to upload an image from your local device or have our AI imagine images using text prompts. As always, our priority is to offer an intuitive interface which is why we integrated the new AI tool in parallel with the existing process. Once you reach the image step, you’ll notice the new AI option.


After clicking “Use AI”, you’ll see an AI Image dashboard asking you for a text prompt. If you haven’t used prompts before, that’s ok. A prompt is a simple description of the type of image you’d like the AI engine to imagine. Using simple straightforward words, you can enter prompts which direct the AI engine. You’ll see some examples prompts to give you an idea of how to phrase your prompt. This is how the AI image dashboard will appear:


Now, try entering a prompt. I’ll try one too - “Close up of baby drinking formula from bottle”. Once you enter your prompt click “Render”. It will take a few seconds for the AI engine to imagine your image and come up with a few versions. Here’s what I got from my prompt:


Remember that every image rendered is unique and has not been seen before. The AI image engine can create similar looking images but each one is distinctly unique. Select the image you like most and click continue or click “back” to re-imagine a completely different set of images. If you go back, you are able to modify your prompt slightly to get a different result. I chose the image in the upper left and clicked “Continue”.


The image detail screen provides a more detailed view of the image you chose. You can go back or select the image. When you select the image, the image will be placed into your ad’s image field like this:


Make sure to input your headline and source and you’re ready to go. Your ad will go through the normal approval process and all Images that have been approved for use will appear in your image library and may be used again. We hope you enjoy tapping into AI images and here’s wishing AI makes your marketing better, less expensive and more effective.

Product Disclaimers

    • Tap Native’s AI Image generation is only functional in Tap Native advertiser accounts with a balance of $100 or more.
    • There are some product Limitations. Tap Native is utilizing a combination of OpenAI's and Midjourney technologies along with our own pre-set prompts, dimensions and best practices to help generate images. However, it is crucial to understand the risks and limitations associated with using these third-party technologies when utilizing Generative AI on Tap Native. Generative AI images may produce skewed or strange images. Sometimes AI images can appear strange or defy logic. We are hopeful that as we glean what types of images marketers use most, we can help make the prompt and rendering process much better.
    • By using the Tap Native Ads platform and incorporating Generative AI, advertisers agree to assume these risks and limitations. It is recommended that advertisers exercise due diligence, including reviewing and validating any content produced using Generative AI, to mitigate any potential risks or issues.