Healthcare marketing is booming as more people take an active role in staying healthy. Innovative healthcare marketers are achieving a new level of success. The most resourceful marketing professionals are taking full advantage of AdTech/MarTech tools and resources to deliver exactly the right content with exactly the right message at exactly the right time to specific audiences they serve and want to reach. In healthcare marketing its now widely understood that a mobile device will be present at the very beginning of the discovery process. People demand fast and convenient answers which are now instantly available on their smartphone. The “how” is a smart phone, the “when” is always on, and the “where” is global. Yet, 40% of users still being their journey of discovery on a desktop or tablet, with even more doing their deeper research via a larger screen. With these facts in mind, here are some examples of actual campaigns.

Here are several prime examples of effective native advertising campaigns for healthcare products and services:

1. Diabetes In ControlThe owner of this popular diabetes Web Portal sought to drive new users from the Tap Native Health Network to the portal to consume content, sign up for newsletters and to view sponsor and advertiser messages. Tap Native worked with Diabetes in Control to create a series of native ads targeting users across the network on sites and articles which included topics like diabetes, weight loss and obesity, diet, cardiovascular health, blood pressure/sugar and others.

Example of health care marketing with native advertising for Diabetes In Control

2. EyeBuyDirectEyeBuyDirect is a leading online retailer of affordable, quality and stylish eyewear. Tap Native worked with EyeBuyDirect to drive users from across the entire Tap Native Health Network to specific landing pages which were known to convert at higher rates. Tap Native also integrated Eyebuydirect integrated the Tap Native conversion pixel into their shopping cart so we could more easily track cost per acquisition (CPA).

Example of health care marketing with native advertising for Eye Buy Direct

3. Doctor’s OptionDoctor’s Option is a health focused eCommerce Website which provides an array of health-oriented products from medical supplies to books on specific medical topics as well as fitness equipment and more. Tap Native collaborated with Doctor’s Option to craft native ads around specific topics and subjects that they chose based on conversion rates and profit margins. After multiple rounds of tests, specific ads and landing pages were chosen as creating the best ROI.

Example of health care marketing with native advertising for Doctor's Option Dr. Bernstein

4. NURXNURX is a discreet online prescription service that makes it easy for anyone, regardless of circumstance, to get medication quickly, discreetly, and affordably. Tap Native worked with NURX to brainstorm creative images and to test ads in order to pinpoint which versions most effectively drove users from specific articles around topics like birth control, contraception and women’s health to the NURX portal.

Example of health care marketing with native advertising for NURX

5. HeroHero is an ingenious pill dispenser which remembers your daily pill regimen and dispenses multiple medications (up to 10 different kinds) multiple times a day to fit your custom prescription schedule. Tap Native recommended a special set of targeting which would display their offers to users most likely using multiple prescriptions. Hero also integrated Tap’s conversion pixel in order to track and optimize conversions across the network.

Example of health care marketing with native advertising for HERO

6. EargoEargo manufactures a comfortable, discreet and award-winning ear insert which paints the world in bold, rich sound, allowing users to hear like never before. Eargo had specific cost per acquisition goals which Tap Natives reps worked to hit on desktop and mobile. Eargo used Tap Native’s conversion pixel to track leads and for Tap Native to backward engineer the types of users and articles that were most productive to the campaign.

Example of health care marketing with native advertising for Eargo

7. DexcomManaging diabetes can be complex. Dexcom markets a small, wearable glucose monitoring sensor which transmits the user’s glucose numbers to a smart device, like a smartphone, every 5 minutes. It's easy to wear and easy to use. Tap Native worked to test different types of ads and targeting criteria to push the CPA below Dexcom’s goal.

Example of health care marketing with native advertising for Dexcom
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Tap Native ad units are integrated within the content of popular health destination sites. You can see in the example below that Tap Native ad units focus on health and provide the source of the content:

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