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NPI Targeting

An NPI number is part of the healthcare provider identification system adopted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). All healthcare providers that are considered covered entities under HIPAA, and those who file claims electronically or use a clearinghouse to bill insurance, are required to apply for an NPI. Common types of healthcare professionals (HCPs) with NPI numbers include physicians, nurses, physicians’ assistants, dentists, and pharmacists but there are many others.

An NPI number is not just a random number, instead the system is based on a taxonomy of therapeutic categories and medical specialties. For example, when physicians apply for an NPI they report primary and secondary taxonomy codes in their NPI application. A family medicine physician specializing in adolescent medicine might report a primary code for family medicine, 207Q00000X, and a secondary code for adolescent medicine, 207QA0000X. There are hundreds of possible combinations spanning professionals and medical specialties.

Tap Native ads are integrated into hundreds of popular health and medical sites where HCPs with NPI numbers congregate. These content style ad units are most often integrated within the editorial sections of the page, not the right rail where banners are typically found. Here is an example of a typical native ad integration:

At the heart of Tap Native’s HCP marketing engine is a matching table of physicians and other HCPs categorized by NPI number. This matching table allows HCP marketers to select specific specialties to target their content style offer. Tap Native unifies multiple disparate data sources to create one unique, single profile for each healthcare professional in our matching table. The system can identify unique healthcare professionals on any website at the impression level and provide physician level data reporting which includes the NPI number and name of the HCP who saw and clicked the advertiser’s ad. For more information on NPI targeting, contact us or schedule a demo.

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