Physicians and other healthcare professionals are among the most heavily marketed groups on the Web. They see targeted banners on the vast majority of the websites they visit. As you might imagine, physicians and other healthcare professionals have developed banner blindness. That's not to say banners are entirely ineffective, but we all know that most banners are displayed in the same three sizes and are primarily displayed in the right rail. Banner blindness is particularly prevalent among highly sought-after targets, like physicians. Ad banners are consciously and unconsciously ignored as physicians concentrate on the page's editorial content.

Physicians have hectic schedules, and you can imagine they are mission-focused when they visit health, medical, and drug reference sites. They only stop being mission-focused once they have consumed the information they were seeking. This is why Tap Native HCP ads, like this example, often appear directly below the content. Here's an example:


You'll notice that the ads don't look like typical banner ads. Instead, they’re formatted to look more like content. Yes, we always disclose the block of offers as ads, but because of the in-content placement, their format, and the unbranded, content-style nature of the units, they are examined and considered at an exponentially higher rate than typical banners. The click-through rate is also exponentially higher. In an age of high noise and low signal, this is the way we break through and engage high value physicians and other HCPs.

Physician ads are targeted on a 1:1 basis, meaning that we only show the ad when we know precisely who is generating the page visit. Tap Native's system contains a database of 7.2 million NPIs, and we work with leading data providers to ensure that we know which physician or other healthcare professional is creating the page impression.

The most common products and services promoted to physicians include Pharma/RX drugs, OTC products, medical devices, EMR systems, physician business opportunities, telehealth platforms, practice management software, continuing medical education (CME), locum tenens/recruitment, and job offers, content and offers from medical associations, sponsored medical content, medical conferences, malpractice Insurance, loans, investments, and other financial services.

Consider adding nurse practitioners and physician assistants to your marketing plan. MDs, NPs, and PAs are the front line in healthcare. Physicians see an average of 600 patients monthly. NPs and PAs see around 500 patients monthly. These three groups of healthcare pros see patients, diagnose their problems, treat them, recommend products, and prescribe medication. Yes, NPs and PAs recommend OTC products and can prescribe RX medications. On Tap Native, you can target all three professionals or just one of the groups. You can also target specialists like neurologists, anesthesiologists, orthopedic surgeons, or oncologists. Yes, you can also target using a custom NPI list. Here's an example of the targeting interface on Tap Native.


Physician marketers have different downstream goals. Some want physicians to fill out forms, some want them to watch videos, and some want visitors to make a purchase or schedule a demo. Free sample marketing is also growing, especially among OTC products such as Salonpas. Having a physician hand a free sample of your product to a patient is a powerful way to create a lifelong customer. Whatever your goal, the physician targeting dashboard will display your cost per acquisition for each ad so you can pause what's not working and scale what's working best. All great physician marketers use data to guide them. Here's an example of the HCP marketing dashboard.


Physicians who visit your website are valuable whether they "converted" or not. All HCP-targeted ads come with free PLD reports for every click. PLD reports include the HCP's full name, profession, specialty, NPI, and a timestamp. We'll also show you which ones converted if you're using our conversion tracking pixel. Here's that report.


The environment where your ads appear should be considered carefully. Most physician marketers do not want their ads to appear on celebrity, political, viral, or fashion sites. Tap Native only distributes our ads to health, medical, and wellness-related sites and content; those relationships are direct, not programmatic.

Creating ads is fast and easy. Ads are composed of an unbranded image (1000x600), a headline of up to 60 characters with spaces, a source of up to 30 characters, and a landing page URL. You can upload your images or use Tap Native's generative AI, which is free to all advertisers. Need an image of a doctor speaking with a patient over a telehealth platform? Just type it!

Instead of charging on a CPM basis, Tap Native charges on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. The CPCs start at $5.00 for all HCPs and increase as the targeting narrows. Prices appear in the interface for your chosen targets, and there are over 360 specialties to choose from. CPCs for NPs and PAs are less expensive than MDs, so consider adding them to your plan to reduce your average CPC. We can undoubtedly sharpen our pencil for more extensive campaigns, and yes, we provide ongoing account management. Tell us your goals, and let us give you some ideas about how we'd go about cracking the code. We've built a unique and highly effective platform that is ideal for physician marketing.