Reaching HCPs at the right time and in the right frame of mind is key to delivering your message. We call the ideal time of interaction the moment of discovery. Like all of us, HCPs periodically browse the Internet for medical reference material for themselves and to share with patients.

We’ve found conversions are consistently higher while interacting with HCPs on health and medical sites where they congregate for professional reasons. These Web properties include health, medical and drug reference sites. We’ve also found that reaching HCPs in the content section as opposed to the right rail where banner ads are displayed increases the organic engagement up to 20X. Tap Native places its ad units across a network of hundreds of health, medical and wellness sites where HCPs congregate. Tap Native’s network includes websites like Familydoctor, WebMD, Facty, Sharecare, Medgoo and hundreds more. Ad units are typically placed in-content or directly below the primary content. Cognitive load is lowest the moment after an information seeker has completed their task and they are now ready for the moment of discovery. Tap Native ad units appear like the example below:

Medicine on the web

HCPs can be targeted by profession such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, or physicians’ assistants. They can also be targeted by professional specialty such as physicians who are oncologists, cardiologists, or gynecologists. Tap Native provides NPI list matching where our system can match your custom list of HCPs by NPI number. In the example below you’ll see the advertiser dashboard provides detailed reports including user level data (PLD / ULD) and displays the name of the HCP that clicked, the NPI number, their specialty and each click is timestamped. Addition information can be passed in URL macros or digested from referral information at the landing page level.

Advertiser Dashboard

All clicks to HCPs delivered by Tap Native are authenticated meaning that audience targeted HCP ads are only displayed to HCPs with an authenticated NPI number. The cost per click pricing ranges from as little as $3.00 per click to as much as $50.00 or more depending on the total number of targets, rarity of targets and network competition. Creating an ad is simple and consists of 4 elements, they are:

1. An image 1000x600 PNG, JPG or GIF file

2. A Headline, 60 characters with spaces

3. A source, 30 characters with spaces (product or website name)

4. A Landing page URL beginning with: http://www. Or https://www. Once your ad is complete, this is how it will typically be displayed:

You can plainly see the image, headline, and source in the example ad below. When clicked, the ad directs users to the URL specified in the advertiser’s landing page.


Note the image is 100% completely free of text, that it’s a whole image and does not contain any small details which would be hard to perceive if displayed at smaller scales such as a smartphone. Additionally, the image does not contain logos or branding of any kind. Images are used to convey an idea, not branding. The only branding seen in the ad is the name of the product, service or company seen here as “Reznor Labs”. If you do not have imagery, Tap Native can provide you with a library to choose mutiple images at no additional cost. We routinely make suggestions for effective headlines. Ultimate you’ll want to create 5-10 ads and allow the reporting dashboard to show you which ones are most effective at engaging and converting.

Your ad will appear in an ad unit with other ads. If you have mutiple ads playing, those ads may fill mutiple slots within the ad unit. In the example below, only one slot is displaying the ad we just created.

Pro Unit HCP Targeting

The advertiser dashboard displays metrics associated with your ads. These include the number of impressions each ad has been delivered, the number of clicks ads have received and each ad’s click through rate. If you are using Tap Native’s conversion pixel, you’ll be able to see the total number of conversions each ad has generated and the average cost per conversion (CPA) by ad. You can see an example of the advertiser dashboard below:

Advertiser Dashboard Displays

Taking part in digital advertising to physicians and other healthcare professionals can be an effective part of your org’s marketing efforts. Test different messages and ads and allow the data to guide you. As always, we are happy to help.