There are many reasons why Tap Native has been adopted by hundreds of premium health, medical and lifestyle digital publishers. Certainly, CPMs are far higher than typical native and content recommendation style ads. CPMs are higher because health, medical and demographic websites are far more valuable than noisy news sites, political sites, viral sites, celebrity sites, sports sites etc. Advertisers targeting consumers or healthcare professionals on Tap Native pay a premium to reach Tap Native’s endemic health and wellness network. Advertisers on premium networks, like Tap Native, pay as much as 15X what typical native ad and content recommendation providers charge for their less than attractive inventory. Tap Native ad quality is higher and more relevant. In addition, our simple publisher dashboard and copy and paste tags make integrating Tap Native ad units simple and fast. >

Tap Native’s ad units are 100% responsive for desktop/tablet and smartphone users. Tap Native ad units run on dozens of high-volume publishers so the tech stack is built to deliver industry leading load times. Tap Native’s ad tags have been Light House optimized so they load lightning fast, typically in less than 50ms. In addition, Tap Native ads load asynchronously so there is no possibility they’ll hold up core elements of a publisher’s website. Here’ an example of a typical 3x2 Tap Native ad unit as it appears on desktop/tablet:

Tap Native Ad Unit

Note the header, “Invest in your health” and “Ads by Tapnative” in the upper right. The header is customizable by publisher. You’ll also notice the ads are not branded. We do not allow the types of branded ads seen in ad banners. Tap Native ads are content style so they don’t clutter the page. The header fonts and font colors are customizable to match the publisher’s look and feel. The mobile version of the ad unit reformats itself vertically so that ads are stacked like this example:

Mobile Version of The Ad Unit

Tap Native’s demand stack is comprised of 2 different ad types, ads for consumers and ads for healthcare professionals. Publishers can choose ad units that display ads for consumers and healthcare professionals or ad units that only display ads targeting healthcare pros only. Tap Native only serves HCP targeted ads when it detects a healthcare pro on the Webpage. When the system detects an HCP, the ad stack only displays ads for HCPs and not for consumers. We serve one set of ads per impression only and do not comingle ads.

Many websites that cater to healthcare professionals choose not to display ads intended for consumers even if much of the audience can be characterized as non-HCPs. Consumer ads are contextually targeted and Tap Native knows the content of every URL where its ads are served. Contextual targeting means diabetes ads appear on URLs about diabetes. Ads for healthcare professionals are not contextually targeted or site targeted, instead they are audience targeted. Audience targeting is based on Tap Native’s audience graph of authenticated healthcare professionals which includes physicians, nurses, NPs, PAs, pharmacists and other HCPs. On average, around 4% of the audience on consumer health sites like Everyday Health and WebMD are healthcare professionals. Tap Native knows when HCPs are present on the page as well as the HCPs full name and NPI number. These HCPs are targeted with their opt in permission. HCP targeted ads are worth as much as 200x what typically consumer audience rates yield. This is why Tap Native’s ad stack creates higher CPMs than typical ad providers. Whether healthcare pros make up 3%, 25% or 90% of your audience, Tap Native can efficiently monetize this segment with quality ads and significant revenue streams for publishers. Here’s a typical HCP ad unit.

Typical HCP Ad Unit

Tap Native has secured high quality demand from top tier brands in every category of health, medicine and wellness. Many of the advertisers Tap Native works with have not worked with other native ad providers. There’s a reason they work with us and it’s the quality of the publishers and the ads we run. Here are some examples of ads you might have seen on Tap Native.

Tap Native Ads

Tap Native ad units come in a variety of sizes and configurations for desktop/tablet and the number of ads which appear in the mobile unit is determined by each publisher. Reporting you can expect to see in your Tap Native publisher dashboard goes far and above typical native and content recommendation style dashboards. Tap Native publisher dashboards report impressions, clicks, CPM, earnings, traffic by device, most valuable ad categories, most and least valuable URLs on the publisher site, percentage of HCP visitors and the top 10 types of HCP specialties that visit.

Tap Native Publisher Dashboard
Tap Native Dashboard


- Website must be focused on health, medicine, wellness or cater to specific demographics with a lifestyle theme

- Websites must be reviewed by Tap Native before approval is given for any ad units to go live.

- Websites catering to consumers must register as having at least 250,000 unique monthly users according to Similarweb.

- Websites catering to healthcare pros must register as having at least 25,000 unique monthly users according to Similarweb.

- All publisher accounts must earn a minimum of $1,500 per month. We do not service small publisher accounts.

Tap Native pays net30 at the end of each month. We offer ACH direct deposit for US bank accounts or wires for international accounts. For additional information about becoming a Tap Native publisher, simply send us a note or create an account today.