Focused on Health

Tap Native is the leading content discovery platform focused exclusively around health, medicine and wellness. That focus enables healthcare marketers to reach an audience of consumers or HCPs while they’re consuming content.
Tap Native Health Publishers
Tap Native In Content Placements

In-Content Placements

Get your health content, product or offer discovered by prominent placements featured within editorial content.

Contextual Targeting

Our Drug & Condition Match Targeting® system guides digital health marketers through related topics in order to match offers with content intelligently. Choose from pre-set therapeutic categories, OTC and RX drug names, drug classes or custom keywords using this unique health centric relational database.
Tap Native Contextual Targeting
Tap Native Geo-fencing


Select location(s) and a radius around your service footprint or bulk upload zip codes or city names for precise footprint and service area mapping.

A Health Marketplace

Effective for consumer health products, OTC & RX medications, healthy meal delivery, local & regional healthcare services and more.
Tap Native Health Marketplace
Tap Native Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

Track purchases, leads, discount savings card downloads or any web action.


Our algorithms and optimization tools allow you to stay ROI focused. Tap Native’s premium health focused network generates higher conversion rates and our team will help reduce your cost per conversion as low as possible.
Tap Native Analytics
Tap Native Brand Safety comes first

Brand Safety First

We guarantee your offer appears in safe, viewable environments and we partner with leaders in viewability & fraud detection.

Drive Interest

Reach new in-market health audiences, engage new users, generate high quality leads and share positive news to promote your brand.
Tap Native drive interest to new health audiences
Tap Native helps you reach your target health audience in high quality content. What are you waiting for?

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