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The value of a visit and how to create an annuity of consideration.

How providing multiple choices for engagement increases revenue for publishers and the value of native advertising spend for advertisers

By Rafael Cosentino

There are only a few ways that users end up on your health-related content pages organically, they are:

1. Typing in your domain.

Users typically arrive at your home page or desired landing page, perform a local search, or click content that you’ve featured.

2. Finding your content organically in SERPs.

Users perform a search, your link comes up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and they arrive via the link to a content page.

3. Social media.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are great traffic sources. The user arrives via the content page and often leaves quickly to comment or click like on the platform that got them there in the first place.

4. Email/Push notifications.

Users arrive via the notification link to the content page.

In each of these examples your visitor will exit your site towards the end of the content page or earlier as they scroll down the page. The entire process can take less than twenty seconds and if you’re lucky it can last three minutes. If you’ve followed me up till now you already know that the connection you’ve made with your visitor is transient at best. Once the user has what they’ve come for, they are mentally ready for something new and this is the most valuable part of their visit. This is the point in which the visitor’s session is about to end.

Let’s assume that up until now they’ve generated a couple of content page views. Let’s also assume your content page contains 5 display ads which total a $18.00 RPM (Revenue per Thousand Impressions). That’s a total value of around 1.8 cents per page view. Since your user has consumed 2 pages, you’ve earned around 3.6 cents. But the good news is that just below your article the visitor can identify another piece of interesting content and if they click it, you can earn another 1.8 cents. If the visitor clicks a CPC ad from Tap Native they can generate .40 cents, .60 cents or even $3.00 in some cases. Now what do you want them to click? And what are they more likely to click? Since you can’t force anyone to click anything and can’t know precisely all of their interests, the best you can do is feature a large variety of “most likely relevant” content, and this is where Tap Native excels for health publishers.

What you have at the end of the article is the most valuable part of a visit.

The content which exists here directly influences their consideration for something else. And the good news is, your visitors have been conditioned into scrolling. In the last five years the Internet has taught us to scroll on Facebook, scroll on LinkedIn, scroll on Twitter, scroll on our phones, tablets and desktop/laptop computers. Now that you know this, would you rather feature 3 content slots below the article or 6 slots? Do you think your visitor will be angry if you feature 9 slots? How about 25 slots? Will people stop visiting your site if you feature 50 slots below your article? What if the slots scrolled endlessly and featured you content and other 3rd party content? What number of slots do you think would have the largest impact on the revenue per user? I suspect you know the answer, but I’ll tell you anyway. The more slots you feature, the more the user will consider each of them and the greater the chance that they will spot something else worth clicking. No one will be angry at your health publishing brand for featuring countless additional content selections below articles. The more content you feature, the more likely your 3.6-cent visitors will generate exponentially more revenue all while being engaged in the process! So, when choosing which Tap Native unit to feature below your article pages, choose the one with lots of slots because scrolling is what we do now. Let’s create an annuity of consideration across all your content pages to vastly increase the value of each visit

It’s all in the data.

When we recirculate your health content along with other 3rd party health related content in the widget, our technology is able to identify URLs on your site which generate the highest eCPM..

Along with featuring related third-party content, Tap Native units are designed to engage the user in this annuity of consideration for the single purpose of generating another click which often happens to be the most valuable click of the user’s entire visit. Providing the right experience during the annuity of consideration can make the difference in having 2-cent visitors, 4-cent visitors and 80-cent visitors.

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Tap Native ad units are integrated within the content of popular health destination sites. You can see in the example below that Tap Native ad units focus on health and provide the source of the content: